Acura Brand Sketch

I was one of the many artists who helped with this brand sketch. I created over 40 animation sketches although ...



Jaguar Machines

Role: Compositing and film texture effects in After Effects.  (The animation of the film strips was done by someone else). ...

Acura TLX

Role: AE compositing, Animation.

“Rock That Thing” – Dream

Role: Lead compositor This video required a substantial amount of tracking mark removal.  It was shot on all white with ...

The Wait

Role: I worked on a few shots for this film. Screen replacements, compositing, and clean up. Some work i did ...

Avon Solutions

Role: Lead Animator Lead Designer Commissioned by Roley Poley Productions

Roley Poley Reel

This is the opener to Roley Poley Productions demo reel. Created in Maya.

Vevo Summer Fest

Cel Animation / After Effects / Design

MTV Run To The Sea

Role: We created these lens flares in studio and composited them into the spot.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Teaser Trailer

Studio: MTV Logo Role: AE Compositing.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4

MTV LOGO RuPaul's Drag Race season 4

Cutie And The Boxer

2013 Cutie and the Boxer Nominated for Audience Choice, Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature Film, Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography, Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design or Animation, Outstanding Achievement in Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking, Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Score A beautifully crafted and intimate portrait of two Japanese artists, Ushio and Noriko, and their forty-year love story.

Hershey’s Chocolate Shoppe

I created this metallic / organic liquid using Real flow. This project was a spoof video which was filmed in ...


Google Gui animation Role: recreation of UI in illustrator, Animation in after effects. Rotoscopting of hand in Autodesk Flame.

Wham! Bam! Islam!

Wham! Bam! Islam! Isaac Solotaroff (U.S.) Naif Al-Mutawa is on a mission to create THE 99 – the first Islam-inspired ...

Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers

Role: 2D,3D animation. Compositing. Made at Artjail.

Mtn Dew Kickstart

Studio: Artjail Agency: BBDO Director/production: Terri Timely Creative Director/VFX Supervisor: Steve Mottershead Producer: John Skeffington Flame Artists: Chris Memoli, Ben ...

Musiq Soulchild Music Video

Role: Lead Animator Lead Compositor Design Director: Parris Stewart Commissioned by Spek Studios

CBS News Graphics demo reel

Explanation of shots: 00:00 – 00:35- CBS Digital Presentation. I did the design and Animation of all the shots shown ...

MTV VMA 2010 Nicki Minaj

Role: Lead compositor: Tracked and composited fire on to motorcycle wheel and floor at :26-27 seconds. Helped composite reflections on ...

MTV Ultimate Parkour Challenge

I was the Special Effects Manager on set in Los Angeles and the Lead Animator/Creative Director back in NYC. The ...

Wallpaper design

This is a design I experimented with while referencing some online images.  The focus was geared towards the logo of ...

Calvin Klein Men’s Fall 2015 Collection

I had the pleasure of spending several weeks with artist and director Charles Atlas working on these beautiful films for ...



City Furniture

Role: Animation/Design Commissioned by Artjail

Budweiser Budvar

Several talented people worked on this, my main role was comping and animating the glass cup, as well as creating ...


Role: 3D product modeling, texturing, lighting, animation at 33 seconds and 54 seconds. Created at Artjail.

IBM Moments Commercials. 3 spots in a series of of over 50 that IBM created during The Masters. Agency: Ogilvy ...

MTV VMA 2010 Kesha

Role: Lead compositor. Animator. Created cloud atmosphere, glitter particles, and helped with wire removal. Animated blinking light patterns of several ...

Hangar 1

Created at Artjail I created this neon sign in C4D and did the compositing it in After Effects.

Xfinity Skype

Roles: Compositing, clean up (tracking dot removal) using autodesk flame, GUI recreation using after effects. Commissioned by ARTJAIL


Role: End card and website UI animations. End card animated using C4d, website animated using After Effects. Commissioned by ARTJAIL ...

Sprout “Ruff Ruff, Tweet & Dave”

Animation Studio: Artjail CG Director: Christopher Fung Creative Director: Steve Mottershead 3d Animator: Nick Dubois 3d Lighting & Rendering: Tiffany ...

Ping “Dialed In”

Role: AE Designer / CG Artist: Chris Monaco Agency: Martin Agency Co Directors: Joe Alexander & Steve Mottershead DP: Jeff ...

Star ll Wifi by Samsung

Star ll Wifi by Samsung

Going Clear

I was one of the Lead Artists for this Job at Artjail, we worked on over 80 shots. Roles: Animation, ...

Calvin Klein Women’s Fall 2015 Collection

I had the pleasure of spending several weeks with artist and director Charles Atlas working on these beautiful films for ...

The Street Kids

Credits: Created by: Rich Browd, Patrick Cummings Writers: Patrick Cummings, Rich Browd; Directors: Jesse Coane, Jimmy Spence Editor: Jesse Coane ...

NIKE Therma-Sphere

Role: Lead Animation and Compositing.